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If you have come to our website you might be asking How do I know if I have roof damage? Or you may be asking Do I really need my roof repaired if I have 1 missing shingle? The short answer is if you think you have roof damage, call us and if you have 1 missing shingle call Sure, we know that does not answer your question, so being that we are a Russellville roofing contractor let us dig in a little further.

Your roof goes through a lot year in and year out and for the most part, it holds its own. With that said, it needs to be well maintained. Most roofs out there are asphalt and will typically last 15-30 years with good maintenance and a little luck depending on where you live. If you are within those ranges and have never had your roof inspected, you may be living with some roof damage.

There are many ways your roof can be damaged. While there might be a time we see a roof with a gaping hole, that is definitely not the normal situation. Rule of thumb is roof damage is considered anything that can compromise the integrity of your roofing structure. To make that more clear, it is missing or damaged; like missing or damaged shingles.

You might be wondering, How does my roof get damaged?. Well, there are many reasons. Strong winds can cause your shingles to get loose and fly off. Falling tree branches can also puncture your shingles and allow water to get into the sub-roofing layers. Hail can also do a lot of damage to your roof. This is also hard to spot due to the nature of how it hits your roof. This is one reason why it is good to hire a professional roofer. While small size hail will not do damage to your roof, anything larger than a quarter will definitely cause some damage. We have all seen hail break windows and dent cars. This is because the size and the distance that hail is falling from is a recipe for damage!

The good news is that we have seen it all and repaired all the roofing problems your home may have. In addition, we have worked with a lot of insurance companies, so you are in good hands. Of course, we are a little biassed, but take a look at our reviews online and they will back our hard work and dedication to our customer. If you have any question, feel free to reach out to at any time.

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