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3 Reasons to Fix Your Leaky Roof

We know that home maintenance responsibilities are not the most interesting ways to fix up your home, but that doesn't imply they should be overlooked according to Elkton Roof Repair professionals. A leaking roof is a great example of something you should correct immediately - even a tiny leak can lead to tens of thousands and beyond in repairing the floors and drywall only.

One of the causes that it can be so expensive is because water can travel 8-10 feet away from the origin of entry. Are you noticing any typical signs of a roof leak like water stains on your ceiling? Here are some grounds for scheduling an inspection with an Elkton Roofing Contractor ASAP:

1.Mold Growth

When wood becomes wet it can quickly rot. This decaying wood often leads to mold and fungus production. Mold in your home can cause unfavorable health issues, and if you let your roof keep leaking it will get inside the HVAC system and form toxins as it mixes with the forced air. These poisons can agitate asthma and also causeother respiratory difficulties.

2. Energy Loss

A leaking roof is always going to increase your energy consumption. Moisture in your attic can swiftly destroy your insulation. The damaged insulation causes heat loss throughout the winter and cold air to escape during the summer. This interruption is certain to raise your energy bill if left unrepaired

3.Fire Hazards

You wouldn't believe that water arriving through your roof could create a fire, but if the water gets into electrical wiring it can do just that says experts who've been Roofing in Elkton for many years. When your roof starts to leak you need to respond fast to bypass the moisture sneaking into your electrical work.

If you have a roof leak or are unsure, call the experts at Alliance Roofing and Fencing and schedule an inspection today at (270) 484-7008.

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December 3, 2018
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