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5 Reasons to Call an Elkton Roofing Contractor

5 Reasons to Call an Elkton Roofing Contractor

As a professional for Roofing in Elkton,we recommend that you regularly examine your roof, or at least once a year. With a visual examination of its current condition, you should be able to prepare yourself for any roofrepairs that may be needed in the near future. Binoculars are an awesome way for you to achieve this as we forewarn you not to access your rooftop alone.


Damaged Shingles-

"If the majority of your roof's shingles areloose, cracked, curled, broken, or missing, then they've reachedthe end of their life and cannot defend and protect your home the way they were intended to", says an exert for Roof Repair in Elkton.

Interior Water Damage-

A saggy ceiling or stains on your ceiling or walls are indications that your roof is possibly leaking (this could also be caused by damaged or insufficient amounts of insulation) In most cases your roof is already on its way to costly damages by the time you realize you havea leak, so dont wait and have it inspected by an Elkton Roofing Professional ASAP.

Loose or Exposed Nails-

Loose and/or exposed nails create open spaces and allow water to enter into your home that causes premature damage, something a Roofer in Elkton can take care of and is just a phone call away!

Missing Granules-

The granules on shingles help to guard them against the weather and elements. If you notice a large number of your shingles granules are missing (usually found in your gutters), they probably need to be replaced.

Damaged or Missing Flashing-

Flashing is used to seal joints on a rooftops chimney(s), Skylight(s), wall(s) or other areas that need to be watertight. Water will quickly penetrate into a structure when the flashing is damaged or missing


If you've noticed any of the signs mentioned above then your roof should be inspected by a Roofing Contractor in Elkton soon. We'll help you preserve your large investment and get your roof looking great & sustaining the elements again. Also servicing the Fort Campbell, Hopkinsville, Russellville, and surrounding areas.

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February 4, 2019
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